The Vertical Assembly Center

For more than 50 years, NASA has relied on welding to make the impossible possible. Launching satellites into orbit, sending probes to distance planets, and even landing a man on the moon – none of it would have been possible with advances in the field of welding.

Today, NASA is poised to take their next big step into deep space with the Space Launch System. Standing nearly 400 feet tall, it will be the largest and most powerful rocket ever designed by mankind. It will help take humans back to the moon, and even on newer more exciting destinations like asteroids and Mars. And just like all the rockets and machinery before it, the Space Launch System will rely heavily on a new advancement in welding – the Vertical Assembly Center.

Debuting on September 12, 2014, the Vertical Assembly Center is the largest welding tool in the world. It will help bring together the massive core stage of the SLS one piece at a time.

Learn more by watching the video below.

  • Richard

    Really impressed with the size of world’s largest welding tool. Interesting to know what if it will be needed to cut such things) Maybe some large plasma cutter like at should be used.

  • Caroline Phoenix

    Another miracle in welding globe. It would never have been accomplished without the dedication and devotion of welding associates. Hate off to the team and staffing who topped off this mega project. For details on welding education, careers, supplies and services

  • Jop Bosma

    Good video, the largest welding tool in the world!

    Jop –